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Do men need sperm health supplements?

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Parveen Fatima et al. At first glance these findings may seem promising, but a few things warrant attention. It's hard to say you would get the same results from the lower doses. Antioxidants have long been used to manage male infertility as they can help alleviate the detrimental role of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress on sperm health. This can affect semen health, and damage the DNA carried in the sperm, leading to the onset of male infertility. There is some research suggesting six months of supplementation with vitamin E and selenium can increase sperm zinc and sperm motility and the percentage of healthy, living sperm, as well as pregnancy rates. It appears that the estimation zinc and sperm motility seminal plasma zinc may help in investigation and treatment of infertile males. Rather, zinc regulates the production of a small molecular compound, which then circulates Please sign in to add a comment.

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